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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
Why eating spicy meals may benefit your sinuses…

Did you know that hot chili peppers contains a natural chemical ingredient which lowers blood pressure, boosts appetite, eases sinus problems, and protects one from heart disease. Spicy foods have been a part of the human diet for more than 8,000 years.

In the case of sinus problems, hot chili peppers are known to make people “tear up” or make their nose run. But also nasal sprays containing the ingredient derived from hot chili peppers (Capsicum) may help people “clear up” certain types of sinus inflammation.

A 2011 study, which appears in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, compares the use of the Capsicum annum nasal spray to a placebo nasal spray in 44 subjects with a significant component of non-allergic rhinitis (i.e., nasal congestion, sinus pain, sinus pressure) for a period of two weeks.

This was the first controlled trial where Capsaicin was able to be used on a continuous basis to control nasal congestion, sinus pain and pressure. It is considered a significant natural treatment for non-allergic rhinitis, as there is no alternative.

Nutritionally, capsicum peppers, both sweet and hot offer large amounts of vitamin C. In fact, ounce for ounce, peppers have two and a half times more vitamin C than oranges. They are also good sources of vitamin A (which may account for the claim that they help prevent night blindness) and potassium and contain some iron and protein.


 A Natural Product that treats Allergic Rhinitis, Congestion &   Allergies

SinusWars10 - Allergic Rhinitis, Congestion & Allergies

SinusWars10 Benefits:

  • Treats pollen and dust allergies
  • Alleviates Allergic Rhinitis
  • Stops Hayfever symptoms
  • Treats blocked or congested nasal passages
  • Soothes Inflammation
  • Alleviates Congestion
  • Deals with heavy pressure and pain felt in the sinus regions
  • Treats a Sinus infections
  • Alleviates dry nasal passages
  • Helps to drain thick mucus discharge
  • Fast-acting, easy-to-use

6 Weeks Supply


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