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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
CandiBella – Become 100% Yeast and Candida Free
Clear Candida Albicans and Yeast Infections Naturally with CandiBella

Candibella has helped me rid my body of candida, my tongue is completely clear of the white coating and I don’t had the dreaded “itching and burning” any more. Thank you Gina M, Liverpool

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Candida is often a persistent condition due to the ease at which candida yeast (Candida Albicans) is able to grow and spread.

The CandiBella Remedy treats the following:

  • Current yeast infections whilst increasing the body’s ability to overcome yeast infections
  • Decreasing the rate of candida yeast regeneration
  • Soothing itching genitals and burning urination as a result of yeast infections
  • Assisting in alleviating any foul smell of genital discharge
  • Treating Candida Albinican Yeast
  • Reducing the occurrence of clumpy, white genital discharge
  • Treating swelling and inflammation of delicate vaginal tissue
  • Soothing irritation of the genital areas

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How does the CandiBella Remedy work?

Candida Albicans is a yeast that affects the human body. It is kept under control by good bacteria in the digestive tract. When this good bacteria is negatively affected, Candida is allowed to multiply and grow. Symptoms of Candida Albicans include itching and burning of the genital area, digestive complaints, irregular vaginal discharge which may be cloudy and curd-like, constipation or diarrhoea, an overall anxious and irritated feelings.

Diet can greatly affect the level of yeast in one’s body however other factors which are more difficult to control can also affect the level of yeast. The CandiBella Remedy is a complex Homeopathic formula that works on the body as a whole. The addition of Sepia helps balance hormones needed to keep bad bacteria in check whilst the addition of Kreosotum keeps hormone levels remain within normal levels whilst ensuring an optimal balance of these is achieved; this helps regulate menstrual bleeding and improves reproductive system health allowing for the easier expulsion of yeast cells and decreasing the rate of yeast multiplication.

Medorrhinum ensures pelvic health especially of the ovaries is achieved; with other ingredients in this remedy working on female reproductive system health and the maintenance of yeast within normal levels in the entire body system.


The Candibella Remedy has completely cleared my candida condition which I have been struggling with since coming off the birth control pill. No more anti-fungal agents and no more completely avoiding sugar and yeast from my diet which I found to be an absolute nightmare. Regards Vanessa Hughes UK

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Homeopathy as a Solution & SinusWars Specific Triple Titration Procedure

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well” Plato

Homeopathy draws upon Plato’s principle and works on the body as a whole, holistically taking into account each and every body system. This, in essence, is what enables Long-Term Healing to be achieved as the bodies systems are integrally linked and as a result, any illness affecting one part will in-turn have a knock-on effect on other body systems.

This well-known principle is utilized in the production and manufacturing of SinusWars Homeopathic Remedies which are designed to provide a sound Homeostatic Balance not only within the body systems but also on the outer presenting symptoms.

SinusWars makes use of a specific, Triple Titration Procedure ensuring 3 times the Benefit and optimal healing properties go into each and every bottle. SinusWars Remedies are obtained from raw materials found in our immediate environment which undergo a process of dilution and trituration (this process occurs millions of times over). The end result is a liquid which contains only the healing properties/energies and not the physical items of the raw material. It is these energies which go into the production of the SinusWars Remedies and is what sets homeopathic preparations apart from other tablets such as herbal remedies.

Homeopathy aims to provide the affected body system with the necessary tools it requires to bring itself back into balance whilst helping support any other affected structures. It does this on an all-encompassing and complete level taking into account that each and every individual displays different symptoms.

Increased safety and absence of side effects makes Homeopathy a wonderful alternative for the whole family (this includes young children and toddlers). What’s best is Homeopathy allows for long-term healing to take place.

How do I use the CandiBella Remedy?

Young Adults aged 12 years and above: Place 2 tablets three times daily under the tongue and allow to dissolve. Allow for 15-20 minutes before or after taking the remedy to drink or consume foods.

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