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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
Croup Twinkles – For effective and long-lasting relief from Croup

My babies coughing has greatly improved since starting the croup remedy. We are giving it to her as recommended and have a checkup scheduled for later on in the week so am sure she will be all clear. Tiffany Leary, Scotland UK

for Croup Twinkles

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Put an End to Chronic Coughing and Barking

Croup affects the upper airways and is caused by an irritation resulting in swelling and inflammation of the airway linings. Croup is often described as a barking cough and may be accompanied by hoarseness. In severe cases, bruising of the upper torso may occur.

The Croup Twinkles Remedy treats the following:

  • Hoarseness and shortness of breath
  • Decreasing inflammation and swelling of respiratory linings
  • Loosening dry coughs enabling the expulsion of trapped mucus on the lungs
  • Barking or dry coughing
  • A fever
  • Tenderness of the breast and rib cage areas
  • Irritability associated with coughing
  • Provides soothing and calming effects on an infant, toddler or young child

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How does the Croup Twinkles Remedy work?

Coup can be classed as either viral or bacterial. Antibiotics are not effective in treating viral bacteria but can be used in the treatment of bacterial croup. The Croup Twinkles Remedy is an effective Homeopathic treatment which assists in alleviating croup whilst treating any irritation or inflammation of the respiratory linings.

The addition of Aconite helps prevent any shortness or gasping for air during bouts of coughing whilst Hep Sulp assists in alleviating and lessening dry, hawking coughs. Spongia is added particularly for coup in babies and young children as it assists in promoting lung functioning and health whilst rumex assists in reducing asthmatic, whooping and dry coughs.

An added benefit of the Croup Twinkles Remedy is Hydrastis which improves immune system functioning thereby offering long term relief from croup and barking coughs.


My son has had 4 croup attacks over the last year with two of them being so bad that he needed to stay in hospital for a couple of days, he is on immune boosting tablets and vitamins all prescribed by our paediatrician but seems he is never fully able to recover from one episode of croup before the next one come on. I added the croup twinles remedy in with his morning tablets and also give him one just before bed and have noticed the current coughing he has doesn’t seem so violent or last so long. He also looks brighter in the mornings from getting a better nights sleep and is a lot more happier during the day. I would definitely recommend this remedy to any moms out there with kids suffering with croup. Debra M, Wigan UK

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Homeopathy as a Solution & SinusWars Specific Triple Titration Procedure

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well” Plato

Homeopathy draws upon Plato’s principle and works on the body as a whole, holistically taking into account each and every body system. This, in essence, is what enables Long-Term Healing to be achieved as the bodies systems are integrally linked and as a result, any illness affecting one part will in-turn have a knock-on effect on other body systems.

This well-known principle is utilized in the production and manufacturing of SinusWars Homeopathic Remedies which are designed to provide a sound Homeostatic Balance not only within the body systems but also on the outer presenting symptoms.

SinusWars makes use of a specific, Triple Titration Procedure ensuring 3 times the Benefit and optimal healing properties go into each and every bottle. SinusWars Remedies are obtained from raw materials found in our immediate environment which undergo a process of dilution and trituration (this process occurs millions of times over). The end result is a liquid which contains only the healing properties/energies and not the physical items of the raw material. It is these energies which go into the production of the SinusWars Remedies and is what sets homeopathic preparations apart from other tablets such as herbal remedies.

Homeopathy aims to provide the affected body system with the necessary tools it requires to bring itself back into balance whilst helping support any other affected structures. It does this on an all-encompassing and complete level taking into account that each and every individual displays different symptoms.

Increased safety and absence of side effects makes Homeopathy a wonderful alternative for the whole family (this includes young children and toddlers). What’s best is Homeopathy allows for long-term healing to take place.

How do I use the Croup Twinkles Remedy?
The Croup Twinkles Remedy is supplied in a Granular form, making it easy to administer to infants and toddlers. The granules dissolve in seconds and have a sweet taste making taking the remedy pleasant.

Using the cap, decant a ¼ cap of granules and place under the tongue every 15 minutes. The frequency of this dosage can be reduced as symptoms begin to improve.

Croup Twinkles is safe for infants, toddlers and young children.
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