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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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SinusWars70 - OriNasal Clear Remedy
All Natural-Homeopathic Nasal Decongestant
OriNasal Clear Remedy - Nasal Decongestant
90 Tablets

My nasal passage are completely open after just 4 weeks of taking your ori-nasal clear product. Im even starting to smell things again which I haven’t been able to do in years. Cant wait to be able to taste foods again. Joshua L, Finland

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Blocked and congested nasal passages make it difficult to breathe with excess mucus dripping down the back of the throat causing post nasal drip and inflammation.

In severe cases, congestion can lead to a build-up of pressure within the nasal passages and sinus cavities leading to excruciating pain, headaches and even ear conditions.

SinusWars70 - OriNasal Clear assists in alleviating congestion and blocked nasal passages whilst treating:

  • Headaches
  • Facial pain and pressure
  • Toothache
  • Itchiness in the nose with accompanying sneezing
  • Post nasal drip
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Watery nasal discharge
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How does SinusWars70 - OriNasal Clear work?


When one experiences difficulty breathing it can often leave you feeling fatigued and lethargic. This results in reduced productivity and if not treated can lead to respiratory problems. Most treatments only dry out the nasal passages and as a result, do not get to the root cause of the condition. OriNasal Clear will not lead to dryness of the nasal passages and sinus cavities and help the body resolve the cause behind nasal symptoms.

OriNasal Clear works at the root cause of blocked and congested nasal passages... the increased production of mucus with all its homeopathic ingredients being carefully selected and combined to target multiple ailments of the nose.

One key ingredient, Euphorbium Officinarum helps reduce irritation to the skin and mucus membrane linings. It treats a pressurized headache and works to reduce mucus secretions from the naso-pharnyx. Another ingredient that acts especially well on the mucus membranes is Hydratis Canadensis which works brilliantly on post nasal drip and on thick, yellowish, ropy or watery secretions, and excoriating discharge from the nose.

Sambucus Nigra help to alleviate tenacious mucus in the larynx and also ‘sniffles in infants’. It will help prevent the nasal complaints from moving further down into the respiratory system thereby causing additional and more severe complications. Kali Bich, with its diverse healing action, targets the air passages, a loss of taste and smell, violent sneezing and profuse watery nasal discharge whilst treating inflammation that extends to the frontal sinuses.

All the other ingredients which make up OriNasal Clear work similarly on the mucus membranes and nasal passages helping open up airways and improving oxygenation of fundamental body cells.



My nose has always been blocked for as long a I can remember. Ive also been diagnosed with allergies to dust, pets, tree pollen, ragweed… almost everything I come into contact with lately so I known that plays a part in my blocked nasal passage. Im constantly on Claritin which helps with the allergies but not with the congestion. Since taking your remedy my nasal passages have become about 70% open again. I can almost breath clearly again whis is wonderful as I noticed I snore terribly due to the blocked nasal passages. OriNasal clear is a wonderful remedy which I am looking forward to helping me achieve 100%open nasal passages with. (Patsy R, UK)

My right nostil has always been blocked with my left one completely open. Ive seen numerous GP’s and specialist with none helping identify why this is happeing. I did have root canal done on the left side and one GP said may be the cause for my left nostril being closed. I ordered your remedy over the phone and have been taking it for over 3 weeks. I have days where my left nasal passage is open and days where it closes again so am taking this as a good sign that I will be able to breathe freely out of both nostrils in no time. (Janice K, Germany)

I used to feel as if my nose was literally cemented shut, blowing it never produced anything and neither did nasal washes. Ive tried over the counter and prescription decongestants but found that nothing works as well as your nasal clear remedy which I have recommended to my whole family. Thanks again, (Annette B, Brazil)


Homeopathy as a Solution & SinusWars Specific Triple Titration Procedure

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well” Plato

Homeopathy draws upon Plato’s principle and works on the body as a whole, holistically taking into account each and every body system. This, in essence, is what enables Long-Term Healing to be achieved as the bodies systems are integrally linked and as a result, any illness affecting one part will in-turn have a knock-on effect on other body systems.

This well-known principle is utilized in the production and manufacturing of SinusWars Homeopathic Remedies which are designed to provide a sound Homeostatic Balance not only within the body systems but also on the outer presenting symptoms.

SinusWars makes use of a specific, Triple Titration Procedure ensuring 3 times the Benefit and optimal healing properties go into each and every bottle. SinusWars Remedies are obtained from raw materials found in our immediate environment which undergo a process of dilution and trituration (this process occurs millions of times over). The end result is a liquid which contains only the healing properties/energies and not the physical items of the raw material. It is these energies which go into the production of the SinusWars Remedies and is what sets homeopathic preparations apart from other tablets such as herbal remedies.

Homeopathy aims to provide the affected body system with the necessary tools it requires to bring itself back into balance whilst helping support any other affected structures. It does this on an all-encompassing and complete level taking into account that each and every individual displays different symptoms.

Increased safety and absence of side effects makes Homeopathy a wonderful alternative for the whole family (this includes young children and toddlers). What’s best is Homeopathy allows for long-term healing to take place.

How do I use SinusWars70 - OriNasal Clear and how long does it last??

Adults: Place 2 tablets under the tongue, 3-5 times daily until symptoms subside.
Children under 12 years: Place 1 tablet under the tongue, 3-5 times daily

OriNasal Clear comes in a white plastic bottle containing approximately 90 tablets.

The course duration is dependent on any increased or maintenance dosages. Longer course durations are achievable during maintenance dosage.

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