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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
SinusWars1 - Allergy Force (Comprehensive Allergy Treatment)
Put a Stop to All Types of Allergies the Natural Way
SinusWars1 - Allergy Force (Comprehensive Allergy Treatment)

One of your consultants recommended I take SinusWars1 for long term relief and SinusWars10 for immediate relief from my terrible hay fever attacks. I am completely ecstatic and wish to thank the SinusWars team, as this is the first season I have been free of hay fever symptoms! Mary Agnes Evans - Wales

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From hayfever, every-day allergies to nasty skin allergies, SinusWars1 has the power to stop an allergic reaction.

SinusWars1 assists as both a treatment and a preventive measure to known allergens, and all types of allergies. It is a fast acting formula which has no side effects.

SinusWars1 treats the following symptoms:

  • Allergies (including those to pets, dust, pollen, dairy products, colourants and grasses)
  • Hayfever
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Skin Allergies
  • Sinus and Fungal Allergies
  • Sneezing and a runny nose (Allergic rhinitis)
  • Snoring
  • Congested sinuses
  • Itchy and irritated eyes
  • Pain and Headaches caused by allergies

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Our lifestyle has unfortunately made allergies one of the most common medical complaints affecting individuals worldwide; it is certainly one of the major causes of sinusitis.

SinusWars1 was produced to be used as both a treatment and preventive measure for All Types of Allergies.

How does SinusWars1 (AllergyForce) work?

An allergic response or allergies are the body’s overreaction to non-harmful and safe items it encounters every day. Such allergens include dust, pet hair, pollen, flowering plants, grasses and weeds. When the body comes into contact with these safe items it misidentifies them as harmful, rallying its inflammatory cells to start the allergic reaction process.

The mast cells are one of the body’s main inflammatory cells. When these cells are called on, they burst open at the sight where the non-harmful particle is causing a release of histamine. Histamine is a powerful inflammatory agent that causes swelling. Other inflammatory cells are also present which add to the swelling and inflammation in this area.

SinusWars1 (AllergyForce) was designed to work on each of the tri-levels of allergies; firstly it targets the inflammatory substances, primarily the histamine; by both decreasing and reducing the effect histamine has on body tissues. The second level targets the presenting allergy symptoms, modulating and markedly reducing the severity of these thereby decreasing the allergen-allergy response.

In line with the first level, the third major contributing factor of the SinusWars1 Remedy is that it greatly reduces the amount of histamine released by mast cells during an allergy attack. This decrease in inflammatory stimulating substances greatly helps the body to desensitize itself therefore providing long term relief and a decrease in allergy symptoms experienced when one comes into contact with the allergen later on.

I love the outdoor and as a regular hiker was completely “shell shocked” when I was diagnosed with allergies. Since starting your #1 remedy ive done 3 short hikes and am feeling so mucus better. The congestion and stuffy nose with constant dripping is gone completely.
(Jason Australia)

Ive suffered with allergies for most of my life with it being passed on from myself to my daughter who has not just turned 16. Weve been on your sinuswars1 remedy for just over 2 weeks and are both feeling much better when going outside. My nose no longer waters when I smell flowers blooming in the garden which is a wonderful feeling. Thank you. Jenny R (California, USA)

Just wanted to let you know that I have been taking one of the allergy sinuswars1 tablets twice a day, every day for the past two weeks and feel great.I had been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis 6 months ago and been suffering with these allergies for 3 years. I need this to work to get rid of this once and for all. I will complete the course and keep you posted. I am am very pleased.  Thank you for all your communications
(Olivia C, Pennsylvania)

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Homeopathy as a Solution & SinusWars Specific Triple Titration Procedure

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well” Plato

Homeopathy draws upon Plato’s principle and works on the body as a whole, holistically taking into account each and every body system. This, in essence, is what enables Long-Term Healing to be achieved as the bodies systems are integrally linked and as a result, any illness affecting one part will in-turn have a knock-on effect on other body systems.

This well-known principle is utilized in the production and manufacturing of SinusWars Homeopathic Remedies which are designed to provide a sound Homeostatic Balance not only within the body systems but also on the outer presenting symptoms.

SinusWars makes use of a specific, Triple Titration Procedure ensuring 3 times the Benefit and optimal healing properties go into each and every bottle. SinusWars Remedies are obtained from raw materials found in our immediate environment which undergo a process of dilution and trituration (this process occurs millions of times over). The end result is a liquid which contains only the healing properties/energies and not the physical items of the raw material. It is these energies which go into the production of the SinusWars Remedies and is what sets homeopathic preparations apart from other tablets such as herbal remedies.

Homeopathy aims to provide the affected body system with the necessary tools it requires to bring itself back into balance whilst helping support any other affected structures. It does this on an all-encompassing and complete level taking into account that each and every individual displays different symptoms.

Increased safety and absence of side effects makes Homeopathy a wonderful alternative for the whole family (this includes young children and toddlers). What’s best is Homeopathy allows for long-term healing to take place.


How do I use SinusWars1 and how long does it last?

Place 1 tablet twice daily under the tongue, morning and night. Please allow for 15-20 minutes before or after taking the remedy to drink or consume foods.

SinusWars1 (AllergyForce) comes in a 75cc bottle consisting of 84 tablets which should last approximately 6 weeks.

The duration of the course is dependent of the recommended dosage and is based on one taking 2 tablets daily. Any increased or maintenance dosages will affect the duration of the course with the remedy lasting longer during maintenance dosage.

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