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All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief.
Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.

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These are real testimonials, however please note that individual healing and recovery depends on overall health and how long you have suffered with your condition.

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I have been on sinuswars70 and sinus wars 30 and they have changed my life, my taste and smell has returned by about 70%.

Wendy S (Aberdeenshire - UK)


Fantastic customer service I am excited  to get the product you have been awesome to deal with thank you.

Lee M (New Zealand)


I want appreciations and to say big thank you to sinus wars. My daughter has had post nasal drip for four years. We have tried all medication but known works. We have being to the ENT doctors, what he recommended only worked for a while. I am so glad I found sinus wars. She used the sinuswars1 and sinuswars8 together as recommended, and her post nasal drip has finally gone in fact in just 2 days we saw massive improvement. Please do not stop producing this medications. You are God sent to us. I reside in Lagos and was surprise my order got to me in just 7 days wahoo. I want to say a Big thank you to the sinus wars team.

Roberta A (Lagos)


My name is Olive i have suffered from chronic sinus for years i just started using sinus wars 8 after 2 days amazing i can breathe through my nose already and the pain and swelling have already started to ease. I am very interested in doing business with sinus wars as every second person i know over here in Ireland suffers with it. Fantastic product looking foward to hearing from you, would like to get into doing business with sinus wars.

Olive W (Ireland)


The sinus war 16 & ori dizzy products have literally saved my life. I was becoming a recluse who didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything because I was constantly had dizziness and whining in my ear. Today I go out with friends, spend time with my grandchildren and have started watching television again. Thanks sinuswar.

Fran D, Yorkshire -UK

Good morning!  Your product is amazing!  Right now, i don't have irritation on my throat.

Thank you very much and God bless!

Alfredo - Philippines

I only recently discovered this product, all I can say the results for me have been nothing short of brilliant. Thanks.

Bob -Middx, Uk

I am a 36 year old divorcee living in Ontario. My girlfriend and I like taking trips to Miami but whenever I go there my allergies flare up badly. We planned a trip recently but before going my girlfriend was surfing the internet and found your website. We ordered your sinuswar no1 and I began taking them in Miami as soon as the sore throat, watery red eyes and congestion started.  All symptoms gone! I had a fantastic time thanks to you! Out the window with antihistamines and other over the counter stuff.

Logan L, NSW - Australia


Regarding the progress, to date is around third day since  I started taking the remedy No.9 only (6 tabs to date). Let me tell you, my dear: it’s a remarkable feeling and positive changes that is going on in my body right now. It's amazing! By the grace of Allah, am coming back to real life.

Once again thanks and will keep you posted of any further developments.

Best regards,
Khamis (Saudi Arabia)


I was beginning to rely too often on my inhaler and was visiting the doctors office more frequently in the last few weeks of winter. I decided to add something that would supplement my doctors treatment and found your oriclear lung medicine. I purchased my first bottle and have been taking it ever since. My lungs feel stronger, I run longer and I can hold my breath longer even though I am a smoker.

T Campbell - Bahrain


I have suffered with allergies for many years and have been around the sinus medicine market. Your sinuswars1 and sinuswars10 have helped to relieve and lessen all my allergy symptoms. I feel a difference and don’t have the coughing, blocked nose, congestion, itchy eyes, sneezing, awful fatigue, lack of sleep or headaches anymore.

Thanks. R Bezio, Philippines


I recently had a severe flu. My nose was blocked, I had excruciating headaches and couldn't sleep well because of my allergies. I ordered your allergyforce and orifluway remedies. Within 4 days the flu was gone and by the end of the month, my allergies were completely controlled. I hadn't realized how the allergy problem was really affecting my life. I am so grateful for these awesome remedies.

D Gagnon, India


My nose was completely blocked-stuffy, continuously mouth breathing and have thick dry mucus in my nasal passages. I was recommended to try the sinuswars7 unblocker after filling your remedy finder. I buy the product and am taking it as soon as I got it.. I was always miserable because of my blocked nose and am glad that all this is now over.

Alexio Ti, Taiwan


It was actually a severe sinus infection that lead me to your website. I used your sw9 remedy for the severe headaches, green mucus and sinus pain. I was so impressed with the way this product worked I decided to try the oriclearlung and I haven’t been let down. I have been asthmatic for years now but your product has still helped me improve the health of my lungs.

Camille C - Netherlands


I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis two years ago and have since then had surgery to open up my sinuses. I had some relief but then the symptoms came back again. I have no sense of smell and I always feel stuffy or have headaches. I really didn’t want to have surgery again so was looking for home remedies that may help and ended up on your webpage. I been taking the sinus product #8 and #7. These two products have really opened up my sinuses and allowed me to smell again. I am eternally grateful.

Megan H, Turkey


For years doctors have not been able to tell me why I am so sensitive to certain allergens even though I have been tested negative for allergies to pollen, dust, foods and so on. I spoke to an agent at your call center and she recommend I take the nasal spray no.10. i have been using the pepper spray successfully and my symptoms like the sneezing, itchy nose and eyes have not been bothering me. I use the spray daily and am glad that it is safe, natural and has no side effects like other nasal sprays.

Sarah W, Hawaii


The symptoms started with bouts of coughing at night. I would cough up thik mucus that would clog up my throat. I began using your sinus war#2 and #14 twice a day. Within a week my cough eased up and the congestion in my throat was better. I had such a great weekend. I’m a believer!

C Jones, Holland


I have been inundated with ear problems from ear infections and blocked ears to ringing and ear pain. I contacted your company and was told to order the sw16 & 4 remedies. I have been taking them for more or less two weeks now and the ear infections and blockage is gone, thank heavens! The tinnitus has lessened but is still present. I will continue however to take the medicine and keep you updates on my progress.

Ella M, Malaysia


I'm still getting good results with the PND remedy so I've ordered some Tinnitues remedy.

I'm pleased to say that I seem to have a repeat performance! After just one tablet I started to feel (later in the day) a difference in my right ear and this morning (after a total of three tablets) I have some clearing in the left ear, too!

Many thanks, and I'll keep you posted - Richard - England

I have now been using SinusWars7 and SinusWars 13 for approx 7 weeks and I am pleased to say they are definitely working.

Once again thank you for giving me my taste back after 3 years I will recommend your products to all my friends/colleagues.

A satisfied customer

I am a singer and cannot afford to have a sore throat. I have been using your orithroat and tonsil care for a while now to treat my frequent throat problems whether it is from a cold, from an infection or simply through stressing my voice. Your products natural properties and safeness is what really attracts. I don’t need throat lozenges, cough syrups or other over the counter stuff anymore.

Logan Redmond - South Australia


I have been using the sinus war 11 and 2 to treat the post nasal drip and bad breath. I am so impressed with the results. Keep up the good work.

O Jones, Isle of Man


I used to wake up very nasally always sounding like I have a cold. My nose used to run constantly like an open tap and I felt like I had an army of insects coming down my forehead and into my nose. I first started having rhinitis when I came back from a holiday in brazil. My wife purchased the sinuswars10 and sinuswars14 for me. The runny nose is definitely gone, we hoping that it stays that way.

Connor, New Zealand


I was googling natural vertigo treatments and came across your website. I liked what I read and decided to purchase your oridizzy free remedy. The spinning and dizziness has been greatly reduced, I am definitely impressed!

Mackenzie G, (Aberdeen City - UK)


I have a very weak immune system and am continually ill. Your earwarrior and persistent sinus care products really helped me get rid of sinus inflammation, pressure in my nose, pain in my right ear, congestion and a blocked nose. I feel healthier and since using your products I feel better than ever.

Ava S, London UK


Your sinuswars6 is just a miracle! I had nasal polyps, my nose was completely blocked and I couldn't smell or taste a thing! I feel so much lighter and carefree without the constant blockage in my nose.

L Wallace, Romania


Another great homeopathic medicine! I am a firm believer in homeopathic products and your oridizzy free is definitely one of the best.

M Walton, QC - Montreal


I was suffering from earaches, a whining noise in my ear and terrible post nasal drip. I had sent an email from your website and got a reply the same day. After a few emails I understood that infected mucus from the post nasal had gotten into a tube leading to my ear. I was recommended Sinus wars 2 and 4. I have been using this for the past 3 weeks with remarkable success. These are amazing products that seem to be the only thing that helps me.

Thanks Raphaël Lefèvre - France


I have to tell you that I received the products a few days ago and start taking them immediately. The results are amazing! My left nostril was completely blocked and after a few day I could breathe again and my headaches have stopped.

Thank you very much for your amazing product and for the support.
I will defiantly spread the word about your remedies to all of my friends, relatives ,etc...

Jessica (UK)


Thank you for answering my emails and sending me the information I requested. Response time was fast and efficient. First impressions definitely last. Now I am waiting for my remedies.

Megane P - Austria


About 8 weeks ago I went to my ENT doctor and she did a CT scan for my  sinuses. I was diagnosed with  enlarged turbinates, a deviated septum and a common cold. She gave me the usual antibiotics, pain killers and told me to stay in bed. I contacted your company and received a recommendation to take sinuswars2 and sinuswars3. All I have to say is keep on working! I feel great!

Jacob John, Holland


Thank you for this amazing products, i feel like a new new person! I can never thank you enough for how wonderful i feel!

Ron (Spain)


Thank you for your prompt response, excellent service and professionalism.

Olivier H, SK


I have been taking your Sinuswars13 for a while now and i am noticing each day I am a little better.  I will be so glad when i can breath fully again and not have a plugged up nose.  I wish I would have found Sinus wars a couple of years ago. 

Gus (Holland)


The past year has been a nightmare. I have taken so many antibiotics and over the counter sprays, painkillers and decongestants that I was sure my immune system was about to give in and stop working all together. I opted to try something natural and homeopathic and found your products. I have been taking the sinus no.7, 8 & 10. These 3 products have been a super combination and I have stopped taking antibiotics and those other stuff all together. I truly feel great.

S Collette, Swansea, UK

I had been suffering from allergies since childhood and had almost resolved myself to living with this condition forever, until I Googled and found the SinusWars1 product. My allergy symptoms have decreased dramatically and I do not get as many allergy attacks as I used to. I can finally manage this condition knowing that I am using a trusted, natural product that works. Charlie Adrian Wood - Cyprus

Before your products I was suffering from severe sinus pressure, headaches and dizziness. The super unblocker remedy has released the pressure, treated the headaches and gotten rid of the dizziness in 2 weeks with no painkillers or over the counter products.

Dylan, AU - Perth


My 15 year old daughter Lucy has skin, food and nasal allergys, a poor appetite and difficulty sleeping. I was also worried about the amount of steroids she was taking so opted to lok for some thing more natural. I came across your website and started Lucy on your Allergy Force #1 and the pepper nasal spray #10.The first three days her symptoms were really bad but within a week she was already feeling better and has only progressed since then. We still avoid the things she is allergic to but at least now we can control the attacks. I like SinusWars because it can be integrated into her normal routine and she can still get her allergy shots. She hasn’t had a major allergy attack since on your meds, is sleeping great and eating better. I am extremely grateful because I was at my wits end with her allergies.  Lucy is a happier and healthier child now.

Sydney Br, Netherlands

Whenever I went swimming my nose would bleed. I would wake up the next morning with a blood stained pillow, my nose full of blood, a sore head and I would feel stuffy and groggy. I wanted something that wouldn’t damage the skin inside my nose. SinusWars 5 has changed my lifestyle. I no longer worry about waking up with a bloody nose anymore… Anna Hoffmann - Germany

I just received my package. Thanks for fast, reliable service. Will keep you posted on my progress as requested.

E Wilson, Nova Scotia CA

I have ordered and used SinusWars2 twice from your USA website. My post nasal drip was treated successfully each time but just kept coming back. I contacted your new UK website and was recommended SinusWars1 together with SinusWars2 to treat the allergies that kept causing my post nasal drip. It has been almost 2 months and I do not have any post nasal drip symptoms. Thank you! Camille Claes - Belgium

To say that I constantly felt sick is an understatement! I had a blocked nose, my chest felt heavy when I breathe, I had sore eyes with some discharge, sinus pain and headaches daily. I was complaining to a friend about how sick I was of nothing working and she told me about your website. I logged onto your website and ordered the headache warrior and the super unblocker. Within 4 weeks I felt normal again and am continuing to feel good. Thanks for giving me my life back.

Zachary T, New Caledonia


I had polyp surgery a few months ago but since then I have been battling with chronic sinus infections, nasal blockage, thick mucus that dried “snot” and would blow out bloody yellow green mucus daily. I was sick of doctors and decided to try your remedy. I spoke to an agent from your company who recommended I take sinuswars5 and sinuswars8. All the above is treated! I only regret not finding you sooner then I wouldn't have needed surgery in the first place.

P Bouchard, New Zealand


I was suffering with terrible headaches, eye pain and the doctor diagnosed me with nasal polyps. I wanted natural relief and was referred to your products by a friend. Your sinuswars6 and sinus9 headache warrior has been amazing. The pain is gone completely and I don't feel stuffy or congested anymore.

Hannah Mc - Wales


Goodday Beloved,

Guess wat, I just got my sinuswars 14 remedy now.
Thanks so much.

I can feel some improvement wit my sinuswars 7 remedy, i cant wait to start up wit my sinuswars 14 remedy too.
U guys are real. You guys are doing a very great job by helping to bring back joy to our lives. I love u all.

Francis - Nigeria


Order received already in France. Excellent service. Thank you.

E Mettler - France


I have emailed, called and even used your website to contact you directly. All forms of communication are expertly handled with the most profound care and understanding. Thank you for answering all my questions. I feel so much happier about my purchase after speaking to your consultants.

A Augustus, Calgary - Canada


I have phoned, emailed and ordered with SinusWars and must admit that your service is exceptional. Thank you for your patience with all my questions and handling my queries timeously.

Liam Patrick O'Ryan - Ireland


I had chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps. The doctors recommended surgery. I saw SinusWars on the internet and tried your products. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After two courses of your products I do not have nasal polyps or major sinus problems.

Thank you Tess Hendriks - France

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